IDFossil Museum of Paleontology
Specimen List

For your convenience, I've created a list of all the specimens in the Museum. Just click on the link to view the specimen.

FS367 Miocene Dove Snail Shell
FS366 Miocene Turrid Shell
FS365 Miocene Mitre Shell
FS364 Miocene Whelk Shell
FS363 Miocene Tower Shell
FS362 Miocene Olive Shell
FS361 Miocene Murex Shell
FS360 Texas Ammonite
FS359 Carcharocles chubutensis
FS358 Ammonite Slice
FS357 Hubodus Spine
FS356 Cretaceous Oyster
FS355 Great White Shark Tooth
FS354 Ammonite Whorl Fragment
FS353 Belemnites
FS352 Ammonite Fragments
FS349 Ammonite
FS346 Tower Shell
FS345 Drill Shell
FS344 Holes in Belemnite Drilled by Cliona
FS343 Syringopora Coral
FS338 Hemipristis serra Shark Teeth
FS335 Bison Metapoidal
FS331 Eocene Sea Urchin Spines
FS320 Extinct Miocene Cowrie
FS317 Fish Skull Fragment
FS316 Aberrant Dusky Shark Tooth
FS314 Starfish Ossicles
FS303 Dawn Redwood Metasequoia Needles
FS302 Dawn Redwood Metasequoia Needles
FS300 Beech Tree Leaf
FS299 Variable Wormsnail
FS297 Laganum ocalanum Specimens
FS296 Small Extinct Shark Tooth - Hemipristis
FS295 Extinct Echinoid
FS294 Eocene Echinoid Agassizia floridana
FS293 Small Eocene Sand Dollar
FS291 Acrospirifer
FS290 Eocene Sand Dollar Neolaganum
FS289 Eocene Sand Dollar Weisbordella
FS288 Eocene Echinoid Weisbordella
FS287 Eocene Echinoid Cassidulus
FS285 Spherical Foraminifera
FS283 Two Mako Shark Teeth
FS267 Dusky Shark Upper Tooth
FS266 Isurus hastalis Upper Anterior Tooth
FS263 Dugong Tooth
FS210 Jaguar Upper Premolar
FS256 Barracuda Teeth
FS244 Alligator "Cheek Tooth"
FS235 Large Tiger Shark Tooth
FS218 Sharpnose Shark Tooth
FS217 Fish "Tilly Bone"
FS206 Juvenile Megalodon Tooth
FS205 Juvenile Megalodon Tooth
FS195 3-Toed Horse Molar
FS192 Horse Cannon Bone
FS178 Bison Astragalus
FS177 Bobcat Jaw Fragment
FS70 Stingray Tooth
FS50 Large-headed Llama Astragalus
FS47 Glyptodont Osteoderm