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Here are some links that may be useful to you. Most are paleontology-related, but a few are on other subjects I enjoy. These are listed separately, for your convenience.

Fossil/Paleontology Related Sites

For links by state/country click on one of the following: AL  AZ  CA  CO  DE  FL  GA  HI  IA  ID  IL  IN  KS  KY  LA  MD  NC  ND  NE  NJ  NY  OH  OK  PA  SC  SD  TX  UT  VA  VT  WA  WI  WV  Argentina  Belgium  Canada  Morocco  Netherlands  Peru  Portugal  United Kingdom

Clubs: Mineralogical, Lapidary and Fossil clubs of the United States. Rockhounds maintains a list organized by state.

Museum of Paleontology, University of California, Berkeley.

Paleobotanist Links, Annotated links to internet resources, especially for palaeobotanists (with an Upper Triassic bias).

Mesozoic Fishes Page, Fossil fishes from the Mesozoic Era.

Ultimate Beginners Guide to Rock Tumbling, Everything You Need to Know About Getting Started With Rock Tumblers.

A Key to the Common Genera of Neogene Shark Teeth From the National Museum of Natural History, Dept. of Paleobiology.